Forged Tractor Pto Shaft For Agricultural Machinery

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Rough Forgings
All yokes are made of high-quality steel by forging. They have a much longer life span than casted yokes.

Customized plastic cover
New plastic material, High breaking strength, resistance to low-temperature -20℃, color and printing customized.

Easy to lubricate
The lubricating nipple is protected during painting to make it clear.

Protection for your engine
The shear bolt of the torque limiter is tested according to the required torque.

How Do PTO Shafts Work?

How Do PTO Shafts WorkPTO shafts work by allowing a tractor to turn at high speed. A PTO shaft consists of a telescoping tube, a universal joint, and yokes. It is usually protected by a plastic shield and a chain. When attached to an implement, the PTO shaft allows the tractor to rotate at two different speeds. Typically, these shafts are used in wood chippers, rotary tillers, and mowers.

A PTO shaft works by tapping energy from the tractor’s engine. This energy is then transferred to a hydraulic pump, which then builds pressure and moves hydraulic fluid. This movement, in turn, moves energy from the tractor’s engine to the implement. A power takeoff shaft is more effective in larger tractors.

PTOs can rotate in either direction, either clockwise or counterclockwise. It is important to note that the direction of rotation should be standardized. This is so that any damage that can occur is minimized. If the rotation direction is distorted, the PTO can cause damage to the implements it is attached to. For this reason, PTOs should not be used in reverse for too long.

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