Tom Brady is one of the last vestiges of the post Jordan era, an era haunted by that ideal. The biggest athletes of that era Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Peyton Manning as well as Tom Brady were all consummate calculators. Woods, for instance, had an opportunity to make a stand for gender equality by protesting the 2002 Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club, which was closed to women.

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I’ve kept in touch with all of them, and for right now, we’re telling them to just keep doing what you’re doing. Once a plan is in place, we’ll have a couple of weeks to get guys back. So we’re just staying patient. If there was an worker during a 16th or 17th century epidemic, surely it was the of the Dead. Whether a death was caused by plague or something more mundane was the single most important piece of information needed to manage the crisis. (We are seeing now just how vital case recognition is in our current crisis, with some Asian countries seeming to have had considerable success managing the outbreak because of advanced disease surveillance techniques.) If a death was identified as plague, then quarantine kicked into action.

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