Tractor axle

  • Tractor bushing
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    Tractor bushing

  • Tractor shaft gasket

    application: Automotive use

    condition: new

    Hardened shell depth:: 0.5 to 1.5mm

    Material: Carbon steel

    type of packaging: Plastic bag

    Tractor shaft gasket

other products

  • JCB pin

    Features:: Corrosion and rust resistance

    Part type:: Pin

    shape: Round

    tidy:: beautiful

    JCB pin

  • JCB bushing

    Application:: everywhere

    condition: new

    colour: Golden

    size: Different-different

    thickness: : 3mm-50mm

    JCB bushing

  • JCB short shaft

    Finish: : beautiful

    Uses/applications:: Garage, workshop, etc.

    Material: cast iron

    Stub size:: 3 inches

    type of packaging: : Gift box

    JCB short shaft

  • Tractor nut

    Material: Carbon steel

    length: 10-20 mm

    application: Accessory use

    colour: Gray

    Features: preservative

    Tractor nut

  • PTO tractor axle

    shape: Cylindrical

    application: Automotive use

    condition: new

    coating: coating

    feature: Corrosion resistance, high efficiency

    PTO tractor axle

  • Power tractor shaft

    weight: 100-400g

    Uses/applications:: tractor

    Material: steel

    Surface treatment:: beautiful

    shape: Round

    Power tractor shaft

  • Tractor spindle

    Features: Anti-rust

    Usage:: tractor

    type of packaging: : Gift box

    Material: Low-carbon steel

    Finish: : beautiful

    Tractor spindle

  • Tractor rod end

    Finish: : Galvanized

    Material: Low-carbon steel

    size: 24 mm

    type of packaging: : Carton

    weight: 400gm

    Tractor rod end

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