February 1, 2021

CFS Style Effectiveness Information
CFS Type Floating Shaft Coupling
The CFS Style coupling includes two flex-rigid (CFR) couplings which has a shaft in between them. Ordinarily the driver and driven ends are rigid though the 2 center hubs connected through the center shaft are flexible. These hubs might be reversed if important without having sacrificing ease of set up or disassembly.
Ordering Data
Application: Driver and Driven.
Variety and size of coupling, horizontal, vertical and so forth.
Electrical power: Motor horspower or torque necessity.
Speed: Motor RPM or Driven RPM.
Distance concerning shaft ends (BSE).
Shaft sizes.

CSPCR Style Spacer Couplings
The CSPCR Variety coupling consists of two flex hubs, two sleeves, a single spacer, a single accessory kit, two split seals and two lock rings.
Uncomplicated removal of hubs devoid of disturbing the mounting of linked units
Spacer teeth are rigid using a slight interference match with the mating flex hub
Split seals on the spacer
Ordering Details
Application: Driver and Driven.
Kind and dimension of coupling, horizontal, vertical etc.
Energy: Motor horspower or torque requirement.
Pace: Motor RPM or Driven RPM.
Distance amongst shaft ends (BSE).
Shaft sizes.