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Supreme Court Justice Marguerite Church rendered her verdict Friday, finding Miller guilty of second degree murder. Miller had been charged with first degree murder because prosecutors alleged Novacluse death was tied to a sex assault.Church ruled Miller had intent to kill Novacluse but said she wasn convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that the slaying was part of a sexual assault.Miller and Novacluse were visiting Kamloops from Abbotsford in the summer of 2016. Following his wholesale nfl jerseys arrest, Miller told police he was responsible for Novacluse death, but said it was a result of accidental asphyxiation or rough sex gone too far.A forensic pathologist testified Novacluse cause of death could have been asphyxiation or blunt force trauma.In closing arguments in mid February, defence lawyer Jim Heller suggested Miller was too drunk to form intent and therefore cannot be guilty of murder.But Crown prosecutor Neil Wiberg, in his closing submissions, pointed to Miller actions on video surveillance and in a Facebook Live video taken hours before Novacluse was killed.Wiberg said the videos do not show a drunk man, but man full of energy and able to perform complex tasks with no impairment of his motor skills.

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