Underscoring the difference, Biden took a side trip

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Cheap Jerseys china He noted his middle class upbringing and alluded to Trump childhood as the son of a multimillionaire real estate developer.Underscoring the difference, Biden took a side trip after his speech to see his boyhood home in Scranton and briefly greeted the family who resides there now.Biden will continue presenting his energy and infrastructure plan to combat the climate crisis, as well as a third package focused on making child care and elder care more affordable and less of an impediment to working age Americans. The energy and infrastructure proposals, some of which Biden has detailed already, are likely to carry the largest price tag as the former vice president attempts to use the federal purse to spur economic growth.”It not sufficient to build back. We have to build back better,” Biden said, promising he “ensure all Americans are in on the deal.”Vice President Mike Pence on Thursday was also in Pennsylvania, where he cast Biden as a threat to the economy. Cheap Jerseys china

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