Canseco wrote that his only weaknesses were women and fast cars. Now getting big paychecks from the A’s, Jose began collecting sports cars, including a modified Porsche with 820 HP! Canseco once got a ticket for driving 125 mph in his Jaguar. About the pop star, Canseco wrote, “Madonna doesn’t fool around.

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Definitely feel more comfortable now, Guerrero said. Expectations are not just mine but everyone else in this clubhouse, it not just to play into September. We are planning to play into October also. Exam cancellation is more complicated for higher grades that culminate in standardised board exams that factor into university admission decisions. In Pakistan, grades 9 and 11 students, who still have another year of school at the SSC/HSSC level, will have no exams this year. Their exams next grade will simply be reweighted (doubled).

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