M7600  worm wheel weight  Cost  China  in Djibouti Djibouti  Hydraulic Gear Motor for Rigs with top quality

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M7600 Hydraulic Gear Motor For Rigs

Speed(RPM): 2200
Pressure(MPa): 18.0-21.0
Displacement(ml/rev): 32.0-200.0

CBZ high-pressure triple gear oil pump adopts floating side plate structure, featuring high efficiency, advanced structure, reasonable performance, high efficiency, reliable wor ept performance and strong anti-pollution ability. This product uses a high pressure skeleton oil seal and a high pressure rubber seal to prevent the oil pump from lea ept under high load and high pressure wor ept conditions. The material is made of anti-wear, high-toughness ductile iron can withstand the high pressure load of hydraulic equipment under different wor ept conditions to avoid the occurrence of cracks. It is suitable for hydraulic equipment such as construction machinery, lifting transportation and mining machinery, as a hydraulic power original.
Wide range of uses; loaders, excavators, cranes, drilling rigs, fishing vessels, bulldozers, roadheaders and other fields. This product has the characteristics of advanced structure, high efficiency, reliable performance, strong anti-pollution ability and convenient maintenance. This product adopts high toughness ductile iron to withstand the high pressure of hydraulic equipment under different wor ept conditions. The flange connection has a diamond flange and a square flange, and the shaft end form is divided into a flat key, a spline, and an involute spline connection, and the oil port form is divided into one in two out and two in two out. All sizes can be individually modified according to customer requirements.

High pressure double pump:
CBGJ1016/1016, CBGJ1032/1032, CBGJ1040/1032, CBGJ1040/1040, CBGJ1040/1032, CBGJ2032/2032, CBGJ2040/2032, CBGJ2040/2040, CBGJ2050/2050, CBGJ2050/2040, CBGJ2063/2063, CBGJ2063/2050, CBGJ2063/ 2032, CBGJ2080/2080, CBGJ2080/2063, CBGJ2080/2050, CBGJ2080/2040, CBGJ2100/2100, CBGJ2100/2080, CBGJ2100/2063, CBGJ2100/2050, CBGJ3160/3100, CBGJ3160/3160, CBGJ3100/3100, CBGJ3140/3100, CBGJ3160 / 3160, CBGJ3100 / 571, CBGJ3100 / 571CBGJ3160 / 0016, CBGJ3160 / 0016, CBGJ2080 / 1016, CBGJ2080 / 571, CBGJ2040 / 571, CBGJ2040 / 0016, CBGJ2060 / 571, CBGJ2063 / 1016, CBZ2063 / 2063, CBZ2063 / 2040, CBZ2100/2100, CBZ2100/2080, CBZ2080/2063, CBZ2063/2050, CBZ2080/2040, CBZ2080/2080, CBZ2050/2050, CBZ2050/2040, CBZ2040/2040, CBZ2040/2032
 Triple gear pump:
CBGJ2063/2050/2040, CBGJ2063/2050/2050, CBGJ2063/2040/2571, CBGJ2050/2050/2571, CBGJ2050/2040/2032, CBGJ2040/2040/2571, CBGJ2063/2040/2032, CBGJ2063/2040/2571, CBGJ2063/ 50/40, CBGJ2063/40/32, CBGJ2032/2032/2032, CBGJ2063/40/25, CBGJ2050/50/40, CBGJ2050/40/25, CBGJ2050/2040/2032, CBZ2063/2040/2040, CBZ2063/2050/ 2050, CBZ2063/2050/2032, CBZ2063/2040/2040, CBZ2040/2032/2032, CBZ2063/2040/2032, CBZ2050/2040/2032, CBZ2063/2032/2032
     The above single pump double pump, triple pump, multi pump can be arbitrarily combined between the models, only a part of the above table can be combined according to user needs.

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M7600  worm wheel weight  Cost  China  in Djibouti Djibouti  Hydraulic Gear Motor for Rigs with top quality

M7600  worm wheel weight  Cost  China  in Djibouti Djibouti  Hydraulic Gear Motor for Rigs with top quality

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